Limestone Cleaning Chicago

Limestone Pressure Washing

The process of limestone pressure washing, Chicago, is extremely delicate. The surface of the stone is incredibly porous, allowing many contaminants like mold, mildew, and carbon readily into the material. It stains easier, which means that it must be cleaned faster in order to maintain the beautiful clean that originally came with the building. A special recipe of pressure and solutions must be applied to the surface so the material is not damaged.

The folks at Chicago Power Clean are experts at limestone pressure washing. We’re very familiar with the techniques necessary to get the best clean without damaging the surface underneath. We’ve developed a special recipe for limestone, something which has been proven to get down to the clean. The experience that we have in the field means that you don’t have to worry about whether your limestone pressure wahsing, Chicago, is done right.

After a good cleaning, we recommend that a protectant is applied to the surface to repel future stains from getting on the surface of your buildings and paver stones. A good protectant also prolongs the life of the material, shielding it against the elements of mold, mildew, carbon, and more. The folks at Chicago Power Clean are experts at removing efflourescence, too.

Take a look around at the pictures, then give us a call at 847-964-8888. We’ll be happy to talk more about limestone pressure washing with you.