Chicago Festival Cleanup

Festival cleanup is just one of the specialty services that Chicago Power Clean provides, but it is an incredibly important one. After any event, like Ribfest Chicago or Eyes to the Sky in Lisle, there’s plenty of trash. Stuff gets spilled on the sidewalks, sauce from the delicacies get draped everywhere, there’s lots of soda which gets tossed on the lawn, there’s … well, you name it, it needs to be cleaned up. Chicago Power Clean works with your festival behind the scenes to make sure that your venue gets cleaned and pristine.

We’ve got over 23 years of experience in the pressure washing business. We definitely know how to perform festival cleanup, Chicago. We know how to get into those nooks and crannies, and we use completely biodegradable chemicals which means that we’re not harming the environment at all. Like our restoration service, we restore your venue back to its original condition.

Give us a call at 847-963-8888 for further information about our festival cleaning services.