Canopy Pressure Washing Chicago

Canopy Cleaning

Canopy pressure washing, Chicago, can extend the life of your canopies, awnings, and other directions to save you money.

Your canopies were bought for any number of reasons – to look good, for the attractiveness of your property, and more. What the salesman probably didn’t tell you about was the fact that you have to keep them on a regular maintenance program, else they will rapidly lose their luster to dirt, mold, mildew, carbon, and other pollutants.

The regular maintenance program consists of a quarterly washing which removes the effects of time, as well as a few other restoration services to keep your awnings looking clean and new. At Chicago Power Clean, we fully understand the delicate nature of your canopies, and we will use the right settings every time to prevent damage. When waterproofed and cleaned, your awnings can have a great shield against the elements, preserving them well into the future.

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