chicago-building-pressure-washing-14Waterproofing in Chicago is important, as water weakens the permanent structure of buildings. Water gradually erodes the foundation of buildings, removing the integrity of them bit by bit. Before you know it, the buildings that you have come to rely upon are in danger of falling around you. As a result, Chicago waterpoofing is an essential service which prevents the water damage from occurring. It is much easier and less expensive to waterproof a home or business than managing the damage after collapse.

Chicago waterproofing is the process of adding a coating to the structure of a building, rendering it resistant to the water which comes in from the top and bottom of a building. Think of it like adding a raincoat to your building. The solution that we at Chicago Power Clean use tightens up the ‘pores’ of the material, allowing water to slip off of the surface. Waterproofing is not painting and covering up the problem, it is creating a shield against seepage to the material. Any surface can be waterproofed, protecting it for several years.

Another effect of waterproofing is that it helps prevent the formation of mold and mildew in your homes and businesses. It forms a barrier against the airborne pollutants that can contaminate your home or office. It also prevents the stains that the mold and mildew can cause. This reduces the amount of water that gets into your building in the first place, rather than covers up the problem like painting does. Make sure that you are getting your home or office waterproofed by a reputable contractor.

It is important to get waterproofing done before the problem begins. Water can collect on flat roofs, making it a necessity for certain home owners. It also provides some insulation for your homes and businesses, lowering the costs of your heating and electric bill.

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