Warehouse Pressure Washing Chicago

Warehouse Cleaning

Chicago Warehouse Pressure Washing is essential to the seamless processes of the business. The machines must be degreased and pressure washed on a regular basis to keep them functioning as good as new. Over time, internal forklifts and other equipment leave scuff marks on the floor, leaving it a mess. At Chicago Power Clean, we are able to help you handle those serious cleaning needs.

The equipment that we use is custom made and constructed with quality in mind. The flow rates are much higher than those which can be found in the average pressure washer picked up at a do it yourself store. In other words, these are machines which are designed for concrete cleaning, degreasing and degunking your warehouse equipment and floors. The aggressive equipment means that we are able to remove those stains and track marks faster – leaving you time for your core business.

Not only does our equipment have a higher pressure rate and a higher flow of water, but we also heat the water to over 200 degrees to better facilitate the removal of grease, grime, and grit from your warehouse. We take the time to make sure that your drains are working, and that all of the equipment which doesn’t need to get wet doesn’t get wet. These high pressure, high temperature pressure washers are capable of delivering a highly focused stream on the dirt to remove it.

The image and presentation of your business is improved when you have clean surroundings. Clients are more likely to respond favorably to a well maintained and sparkling warehouse. Your workers will feel a lot more at ease, because they won’t have to see those dirt spots on the floor. This boosts productivity, and your bottom line.

You want a clean area when you’re switching over your products. A good pressure washing service as performed by Chicago Power Clean can get your floors, walls, and ceilings clean for the next run that you’ve got coming.

For a full service pressure washing consultation, please give us a call at 847-963-8888.