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Parking Garage Pressure Washing Chicago

Parking Garage Pressure Washing Chicago It’s almost time to start cleaning the salt, sand and dirt out of your parking garage for the year, and it is definitely time to start planning the cleaning of your parking garage in Chicago. As everyone knows this year has been brutal, the amount of salt used on the […]

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Pressure Washing North Center Chicago IL

Pressure Washing North Center Chicago IL North Center Chicago Chicago Power Clean has been fortunate to be a part of Chicago in  a very special way. Since 2006, we get to take part in Ribfest each year. It’s a great Venue, and we get to Power Wash all of Lincoln Ave after the festivities. It’s […]

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Chicago’s Choice For Pressure Washing

Chicago’s Choice For Pressure Washing 847-963-8888 Hey folks Chris Simons here for Chicago Power Clean. I am writing this post today about pressure washing in Chicago and some of the pressure washing items that you may not know we offer. Right off the bat everyone seems to know us for our awning cleaning, building cleaning […]

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Professional Pressure Washing Chicago

Professional Pressure Washing Chicago From the moment we answer the phone you are going to experience the difference between us a professional pressure washing company in Chicago with over 25 years experience and them. From the on time quality of our work and our follow ups to ensure everything went OK and is still looking […]

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Before Painting, Pressure Washing Chicago

Pressure washing Chicago should be considered long before repainting or refinishing a property. The process applies a high pressure stream of (sometimes hot, depending on the substance) water onto the material which blows away dirt, mold, mildew, pollution, and carbon. When streaks or stains appear, never fear! Call Chicago Power Clean. But seriously, while painting […]

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Chicago Pressure Washing

Not Just Chicago Pressure Washing

Chicago pressure washing contains a lot of services under its umbrella. It is not simply a single pressure washing service like building, awning, decks, or something else. At Chicago Power Clean, we will pressure wash anything which suits your fancy – from water towers to heavy equipment to awnings. Pressure washing, Chicago, can be used […]

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