About Us

buildingrestorationchicagoThe story of Chicago Power Clean started 23 years ago with a dream. Two brothers, Chris and Douglas Simons, saw the dirty sidewalks, awnings, and buildings within their hometown of Palatine and knew that they could make a difference in the world.

In 1988, there was a distinct lack of quality pressure washing services. Sure, there were a few companies in business, but none of them showed the dedication to service and quality that the brothers could provide. Chris and Doug’s dream was to create a business that was founded on the principles of honesty, character, and value.

It began with a single awning. This awning was special because it cemented the real dedication and persistence that these brothers shared. Word of mouth spread about Chicago Power Clean, and they were well on their way to achieving that vision.dougs awning 1st page inside

Word of mouth is the most potent form of advertising, and soon Chris and Doug found that they were deluged with all kinds of pressure washing jobs. Soon after, they hired another person and taught him the special formula for success that they had developed. One person turned into two, and the Simons brothers soon had a fleet of technicians, each trained to uphold the founding principles.

After 23 years, Chicago Power Clean still adheres to their original ideas. They use modern techniques and their special recipes to give you their best. They’ve branched out to include everything pressure washing – residential, industrial, commercial, and more. This even includes waterproofing! Chicago Power Clean is indeed a full service pressure washing business.

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