Welcome to Building Cleaning Chicago from Chicago Power Clean.

The building you work in and/or live in, is something you see all the time. Whether your building is brick, limestone, masonry, terra cotta or something else, we have experience cleaning it. Chicago Power Clean is starting their 25th year in business.

Building cleaning is one of the many services we provide. We have been fortunate to have power-cleaned many buildings in the City of Chicago as well as many of the suburbs. Some property managers have us power-wash just the façade (front) of their buildings. Others have us power-clean the whole building, especially if it’s visible to the public and/or their clients and customers.

We have also power-cleaned the facades of many apartment buildings, condos, and store fronts as well. Especially in the city, there is a large amount of carbon, dust and dirt that adheres itself to the material of the building. Especially on concrete or limestone window sills, mold, mildew and green algae may appear as well. With our high pressure and hot steam water, we can get all aspects of the building clean and looking like new. We always welcome the challenge of making your structure look better than before.

We enjoy all aspects of building cleaning because when the project is finished, the results are amazing! Our company is extremely fortunate to have long term employees that are not only experienced at building cleaning but, they truly take pride in their work. When we are driving to another building cleaning project, and we see a structure that we power cleaned in the past, whether it was last year or ten years ago, we look and say, “Hey, remember when we cleaned that one. It still looks great!” Please give us a call at 847-963-8888 or see us on the web at: www.chicagopowerclean.com.

Thank you very much for reading.

Chris Simons (Co-Owner and VP of Operations)