Awning Cleaning Chicago by Chicago Power Clean

is something our company was founded on since 1988.

We take pride in providing a high-quality pressure washing service.

Since then, most stores & businesses

want to keep their awnings clean in the suburbs as well in the city of


The cleanliness of your awning will help attract more people to your business.

It’s the face of what your customer sees first when they arrive.

If the color is faded, lots of stains, or just plain soiled from the winter’s

snow and salt, that reflects on what the client sees.

If the color of the awning stands out, it’s clean and bright, this shows

you care about the face of your business.

If it’s your home, it tells the neighbors you take pride in it’s appearance.

First we apply a vinyl-cloth safe soap to help lift the dirt, carbon, etc.

from the surface. Then we scrub the surface using a special awning brush with

horse-hair bristle brushes to loosen the dirt free from the material.

After this process, we power rinse the loosened dirt free from the awning

with hot steam water, cleaning the top as well as underneath.

Of course, we always rinse down the building, all windows and concrete

in and around the cleaning area.

We have been fortunate to have long standing employees

with years of experience that take pride in the work they do.

We do the job right!

Please take a moment to give us a call at: 847-963-8888 and we will be happy

to give you a free estimate. Or, see us on Facebook, You tube or Twitter.

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely,  Chris Simons (Co-Owner and VP of Operations)