Chicago pressure washing contains a lot of services under its umbrella. It is not simply a single pressure washing service like building, awning, decks, or something else. At Chicago Power Clean, we will pressure wash anything which suits your fancy – from water towers to heavy equipment to awnings.

Pressure washing, Chicago, can be used for creative advertising. Take your average grungy and dirty sidewalk, combine it with our teams of pressure washing technicians, and you have marketing gold that is not only biodegradable but thoughtful enough to capture your readers’ attention. Give us the stencil, and we will make some magic for you and your company.

Need some sandblasting done? Chicago Power Clean can take that heavy equipment with layer after layer of caked on good, and blast away years of dirt in a matter of minutes. Our high pressure hoses, when combined with the heat of the water, will leave your property looking squeaky clean.

Awnings are always fighting the elements. A great pressure washing service can give them that extra boost and waterproofing will seal the deal against the elements. If you’re looking for an inexpensive method of getting attention, use a pressure washing crew from Chicago Power Clean to stencil a logo into the fabric.

Chicago Power Clean is willing to work with you in relation to all of your pressure washing needs. Give us a call at 847-963-8888.