Pressure washing Chicago should be considered long before repainting or refinishing a property. The process applies a high pressure stream of (sometimes hot, depending on the substance) water onto the material which blows away dirt, mold, mildew, pollution, and carbon. When streaks or stains appear, never fear! Call Chicago Power Clean.

But seriously, while painting is sometimes necessary, pressure washing and waterproofing are often the best options. They will eliminate the problems rather than merely covering them up. You know how problems can grow like mold when they’re left in the dark? Don’t take the chance. Instead, get a little pressure washing service.

Pressure washing, as done by Chicago Power Clean, is safe for the environment. We use biodegradable chemicals with most of our services – much less harmful than paint fumes! Our company uses water, after all.

So, before you think about painting, consider pressure washing, Chicago. Give us a call at 847-963-8888.